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AWS re:Invent 2020

This year AWS re:Invent went live online, not in Las Vegas: that's a quick overview about what was announced across three weeks:

EC2 (virtual machines):

  • You can now spin MacOS as EC2 instance, but since you basically spin a MacMini, is not cheap, pay attention….
  • More Intel and ARM cpus: did you know that t4g.micro instances (ARM, 1GiB of ram) are free until end of march? It's time to test you code on ARM, more cloud providers will provide ARM cpus

LAMBA (serverless functions):

  • Have you ever wanted to trigger a container after a specific event, like you do with Lambda functions? You can now! You can package you Lambda code inside a container and let Lambda run that for you!
  • Lambda can now allocate up to 10GB of memory and 6vCPU, so you can run your container in Lambda (see previous point) or your crazy 1-in-a-month code
  • Now Lambda functions are billed based on 1ms, not 100ms like it's 2019…


  • Tired of new Docker hub policies? ECR public is here for you!
  • Just announced, coming in 2021:
    • EKS Anywhere -> AWS version of Kubernetes, ON PREM!
    • ECS Anywhere -> AWS container manager, ON PREM!


  • S3 now offers strong read-after-write consistency: you no longer need to go to Azure or GCP for this!
  • What's better than gp2 to attach to your EC2 instances? Of course gp3: faster, cheaper and version number is bigger, MUST be better


  • Aurora PostgreSQL now integrates with Lambda!
  • Aurora Serverless v2 (for MySQL 5.7) in preview, able to scale better keeping an eye on costs
  • Babelfish for Aurora: let your application think is querying against SQL server, while is working with Aurora PostgreSQL


For you, hardware lovers, you can buy AWS on prem inside a smaller Outpost form factor


  • Why build your own Prometheus and Grafana, if you can use Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (both in preview)?
  • Enjoy chaos engineering as a service, with AWS Fault Injection Simulator (in preview)
  • After Azure and GCP, you can now run Cloudshell in a browser, so you no longer have to store keys on your pc. And yes, you can also install terraform in it

These are just some of news from AWS: you can dig for more at the official website https://reinvent.awsevents.com/ , also because more sessions are scheduled from Janauary 12 to January 14!

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