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Download 2018: Proactive database managing service

How to deal with new Database requests and build an innovative and proactive services.

In this article we will see the benefits of Optal Software in order to have an optimized IT infrastructure.

The Sorint Lab Database team is represented by highly qualified people thanks to whom it has been possible to achieve a series of Oracle specializations.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years it has been possible to think and create OPTAL - Open source Proactive Tool Assestemnt Licence Our goal are:

  • Share with you the journey of the Optal Application creation
  • Share with you Optal strenghts and customer’s benfit
  • Share with you a Demo of Optal

License Audit

A software licensing audit is an important sub-set of software asset management and component of corporate risk management. When a company is unaware of what software is installed and being used on its machines, it can result in multiple layers of exposure.

In the previous image there we have a Gartner Inc. study which shows that the requests for audits have grown a lot in recent years. So, sooner or later, every company will have at least two audits a year.

Usually when an IT manager is warned that there will be soon an audit on licenses, he panics because he does not know what to do.

Optal (Opensource Proactive Tool Assestment License) is an application that allows you to have an overview of the licenses needed for your database infrastructure, capacity and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). It will be soon open source.

The first version of Optal had scripts available to run on each kind of server and it generated an html report.

A short video presentation of OPTAL will be published as soon as possible.

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