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Our mission is to help companies to implement DevOps; challenging the status-quo and evolving software product lifecycle and software development approach.

The goal of these series of blog post is to share openly our experiences asking for feedback from whom out there has the same mission.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

PART 1: The Context In this blog, a team of solution architects, software architects and enterprise architects within Sorint.lab shares their experience in helping customers evolve from traditional software development to what we call Modern Application Development, using technologies such as cloud, microservices, etc. Over the past 2 years we have been conducting workshops that explain (try to) how to achieve agility in all aspects of the development process, using automation disciplines and more importantly writing quality code to prevent frequent releases from becoming frequent disasters.

Discover more and leave your comment https://sorintoss.io/blog/fromchaostocicd-context/

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