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Google Cloud Summit Milan 2018

Own week ago Matteo and me attended Google Cloud Summit in Milan: keywords where Machine Learning and Kubernetes.

Skipping keynote, I focused on infrastructure speeches, versus development focused speeches: I think best part was about guests of the speeches, real customer with real paths through GCP

Alstom started with small projects in Bologna and then pushed more projects to the cloud worldwide.

Virgin Active showed us how to rethink the app, focusing on customers


while Viralize show us that not all is always smooth with containers


FNM showed us that also a regulated field company can move to the Cloud.

As an AWS Certified solutions architect, I found worth to be discussed features like:

Custom amount of CPUs and RAM, you are not bonded to preconfigured bundles


Instance live migration: VMs can migrate to another host in the same zone, avoiding a lot of downtime


Direct peering available in Italy: no need to establish VPNs to other countries, to get to GCP network asap


Google is not the biggest player in the cloud, but some feature are not be ignored

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