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Sorint Summer Campus - Agile lesson feedback

  • 23 students
  • 13 teachers
  • 10 days

Last Monday (July 17th) started the new edition of Sorint Summer Campus!

I was so happy to teach the students about Agile methodologies and frameworks. It is a really important matter, and the correct project management methodology can make the difference between success or failure.

We immediately started with an exercise/game to understand the importance of not multitasking, then some theory and games to understand how Agile works.

The final game was an application of the Scrum framework outside the IT context: plan a wedding honey moon trip and plan a wedding lunch. The students were really engaged in the games and activities


Everytime I give a course, I like to ask the students to fill an anonymous board and give feedback (what they liked, what they did not like, what they would improve).

They really liked the interaction, the games we played to learn Agile, the not-at-all-boring presentation filled with memes and kittens. Some students had the fear that they would have fallen asleep during the lesson, but this never happened!

But how could I keep the attention of 23 teenagers high for 4 hours?

I have always been used to give presentations, but since I read this book and started watching TED Talks, I drastically changed my presentation style: more relaxed, less formal, more interactive, less words, more images and real life examples.

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