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Where has my time gone?

Welcome to the second article from the journal "As a developer". This article will discuss the significance of time management.

Sometimes you work the whole day, but at the end of the day you ask yourself, "What did I accomplish today?" You realize that you still have a lot left to do. I think it's time to take control of this rogue horse and imagine if you succeed in controlling it in this case:

  1. You become more self-assured! You can carry out your ideas more effectively and efficiently and feel good about your work when you manage your time well.

  2. Time management helps you feel less stressed. You experience constant stress when your plans don't come to fruition, but with effective time management, you can carry them out and lessen your stress.

  3. Strengthen relationships. Time management enables you to spend quality time with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Well, now that we understand what big changes we can make in our lives, it's time to find out where the root of the problem is? Why is our time running away? Time-escape causes include the following:

1- Inability to make decisions:

The easiest and most accessible way for this problem is writing! Sometimes thoughts hit our head like a ping pong ball and we can't understand what is right..simply put it in writing so that it is visible.

2- Failure to set priorities:

Solution: To help you understand that option better, list both the advantages and disadvantages of it on paper. Again, seek advice from an expert if you are unable to select the appropriate priority.

3- Lack of motivation:

This debate is lengthy, but if you want to boost your motivation, give yourself little rewards. For example, I like to reward myself with my favorite snack after finishing a task and watch an episode of my favorite show.

4- Physical problem:

Although it can sound unusual, there might be hidden processes using up our energy that we are unaware of. By doing a straightforward medical test, we can determine how things stand.

5- Procrastination:

I can only quote Nietzsche in this case: "He who has a why can bear practically any how".

Time management and planning applications

One of the best ways to manage time is to use correct and up-to-date technology. Time management is very efficient and effective by using the many tools that exist in the field of technology and greatly increases your efficiency. In this post, we introduce you to the software and technologies that exist in the field of time management. To use your time properly, you can use the following software:




Of course, the Pomodoro technique is my favorite. You don't need any special book or program to implement this simple technique. Just have a timer and do the following steps in order: Choose a specific task.

  • Set your timer for 25 minutes.

  • For every 25 minutes of concentration and activity, take a 5-minute short break.

  • After you repeat the cycle 4 times (25-5), give yourself a long break (15-30 minutes).

A short break is intended for drinking coffee, filling a glass of water, exercising, walking outdoors, etc. In the long-term rest, it is also suggested to do something that gives you a lot of energy to prepare for the next 4 periods (5-25). A very important issue that occurs during the implementation of the Pomodoro technique is the disturbing and distracting factors. These factors can be a phone call, the sound of a text message, the presence and conversation of other family members, etc. This willpower is so important that you stick to your 25-minute Pomodoro session and put off distractions.


In this post, we discussed the value of time management, as well as some of the reasons why people waste time and potential remedies. I sincerely hope it was helpful.



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