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A New Perspective on Agile

I’m excited to share my experience regarding the Professional Agile Coach course I have been attending during the past two weeks.

As a Product Owner, I am inspired by Agile principles to structure projects that have an impact on both business and customer value; as a Scum Master, on the other hand, I leverage Agile methodologies to foster a positive environment within the team and support effective delivery. In this context, the Professional Agile Coach course has been an opportunity to build upon my existing knowledge and experience, expanding towards a new role with a wider focus on Agile methodologies, principles and values.

After thorough research, my Sircle Leader Simone Rossi in collaboration with Global Academia opted for the ICP-ACC Professional Agile Coaching Certification by Agile42, which promised comprehensive and hands-on training to gain the foundations of Professional Agile Coaching. The course lasted for six intense days, but my goal was clear: to acquire skills that could make a difference in my career and within Sorint.

The course exceeded my expectations by far. It was conducted by a very experienced and passionate instructor who shared his knowledge and many examples from his experience. Each day was approached like a coaching session, as it consisted of a combination of peer-to-peer discussions, theoretical sessions and practical application where I could directly apply the newly learned skills and tools. During the course, I learned the importance of genuinely listening to team members and observing their verbal and non-verbal communication; how to use communication frameworks and powerful questions to get to the root of a problem and generate new ideas to solve it and options for the future; finally, how to lead change by ‘dancing’ between the coach’s different stances (coach, mentor, teacher, advisor).

This course has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. In particular, it has gotten me to reflect on the fact that the path to true change is always collaborative and based on a genuine commitment to get things better. Having completed the course and having obtained the Professional Agile Coaching certification, I now feel prepared to apply what I learned to new projects and excited to continue learning. Agile is not just a working method, rather a mindset that can truly transform companies, teams and individuals.

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