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Notes from Red Hat Partner Event, Prague, Chezh Republic, June 24 - 27th 2019

  • When Red Hat started in 1993, there were 60 linux distributions and there was Unix to show the path.
  • Currently there are 80+ Kubernetes distributions but the path has to be created.
  • RHELCoreOS is a new product that combines RHEL and CoreOS.
  • To get to learn openshift a good placec is: https://try.openshift.com
  • https://cloud.redhat.com is the future of RHN
  • In open shift 4, there is no need for system admin. Open shift operators manage everything. It's a paradigm shift. OS is upgraded when an app needs upgrade. Somewhat similar to Android.
  • Subscription manager is gone. It's changing to online subscription management. Red hat will allow to oversubscribe but will show warning if there is a license breach
  • Every single component in open shift 4 is operator enabled.
  • 2 years of full support for every open shift 4 release and 5 months support for critical security bugs and updates.
  • With RHEL8, Red Hat will be creating Universal Base images for ISV partners. All containers provided by Red Hat will be based on this UBI image.
  • Application Migration Management is being launched with Open shift 4.2. It's upstream is Velero. It is migration tooling. Migration tooling can upgrade from openshift 3.6 to 4.
  • Hosted open shift is in most demand.
  • Red Hat has created 2 week (10 days) Openshift bootcamps to impart the knowledge of openshift
  • Upgrade to Rhel8: Rhel7.6 can be in place upgraded to Rhel8 with one single command : leapp - - debug upgrade
  • Rhel8 security feature: Rhel8 has session recording and playback through tlog (kind of a multiplexer)
  • Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) is being offered at a discount with RHEL. Until early next year. Tell all your Red Hat customers about it so that they can benefit from the discount.
  • Containers Vs Apps is like Cattle Vs Pets
  • Red hat does not certify partners for openshift. Rather Red hat certifies images and now also operator images
  • Never cut paste code from stackoverflow. They are not opensource.
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