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OKRs in personal life

We are all focusing about OKRs, setting targets and objectives for our Sircle, but have you ever thought that OKRs can be used in personal life as well?

I have always liked learning new languages since I was a kid. I started studying/playing with English when I was 8 years old (does any of you remember "English Junior"?) and I would have attended the language high school if I didn't have the dream to become a veterinary (guess what, I didn't become one!).

When I am going to visit a foreign country, I always try to learn the basics of each language - even though I know that English is worldwide spoken. At least words such as: yes, no, hello, thank you, I don't understand. And this is easy, accessible and affordable thanks to apps such as Duolingo and Babbel. So that's why I came to know a little of German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, Chines, Japanese, Vietnamese, Romanian, Russian... No I am not yet crazy enough to learn Finnish but who knows...!!

Last November I went to Paris to see a concert with my girlfriend (it was her birthday present) and so I refreshed my French. I really enjoyed learning, but after that trip, I abandoned it once more... I didn't have anymore stimulus to learn. Why should I learn something if I cannot use it?

Ans that's where OKRs come in!

I told myself: do you want to have an excuse to learn French? Take a certification! So I applied for the DELF - A2 certification, and fixed the written exam date to June 18th (this was the latest one available).

So I have a clear and SMART objective in place: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

If you want something... don't wait, act!

Set your goals, your expectations, and then results will come!

Good luck

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