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Good intentions for 2023

Adaptation: adapt to situations that we face, we are working in a complex environment and every day there is something knew. We don't have to stick to a rigid mindset, but instead we need to adapt ourselves and our way of working, to be resilient

Business: understand what business needs and put ourselves in their shoes

Challenge: accept every new work as a challenge, with Commitment and Courage

Don't panic: whenever you feel afraid, don't panic but rely on the help of colleagues and friends. A different point of view may change everything!

Evolution: don't be the same person you were this year: evolve, change your self, grow and learn new things

Fight: fight for what our values are, for what we believe in

Great: do something great everyday

Higher: always aim higher

I: there is no "I" in the word "Team". So let our ego apart and focus on team work. Great teams make great work

Jam and peanut butter: add some sweet in your life, they are useful in tough moments!

Kanban: use a personal Kanban to track all work to be done, and not getting lost with all things that are to be done

Lean: reduce waste, increase productivity and your satisfaction, get things done without loosing time

Maybe I'm wrong: always be prepared to question yourself, to think twice, to ask yourself "if I had the possibility to re-start from scratch, would I do that again?"

Never say never: you are capable of great things, and you can do everything. Never say never, but only "maybe not now", because it may take some time.

Opennes: this is a Scrum value. Be open to new challenges, new ideas, new people

Problem solving: there will be many problems ahead, no doubt, but we need to have a problem solving attitude to overcome them

Quality: do not take shortcuts, do not do things "quick and dirty", but always point to quality deliverables

Radical candor: this is the title a book by Kim Scott that I read a few months ago. It describes how to be a good leader but without losing the "human factor"

Scrum and more: yes, I belong to Scrumtastic, but I don't forget that there are different ways of working, and each product and team may be more comfortable using different frameworks

T-shape: broaden our knowledge as much as we can, without forgetting to go deep in what we excel most

Unique: don't be afraid to show your real self, your skills, your personal traits. Everyone is unique and valuable as is. Don't be Uniform!

Value: deliver value to all our stakeholders

WIP: limiting the work in progress, the tasks that we tackle at the same time, is essential to avoid context switching and enhance focus

Xcellence: Excellence is not a skill, it is a habit (please forgive the "poetic" license to use the X for this word!)

Y: as Simon Sinek wrote, always start with "Why", understand why we do something, what is our purpose, why will anyone would buy what we do

Zen: don't blame, don't let bad emotions flow and hurt your relationships. Always be calm and positive, always let yourself be part of the flow and everything will move in the right direction

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